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About Signpost UK

We all have times when we may feel anxious, stressed or depressed, but finding out who can help can be difficult. Signpost UK’s person-centred approach will support you to achieve improved mental wellbeing.

Signpost UK is for anyone in need of help with their mental health. It is being designed by people from within your community so that it will provide free information and support in a flexible and responsive way across the Kent region.

Signpost UK is a joint venture between three charitable organisations – Mental Health Matters and mcch and is supported with funding from the Department of Health.

There’s more to come

Signpost UK is committed to providing you with the information you need to take control of your mental health.

We want to make the Signpost UK website the place to go to find out about ways to improve mental wellbeing or to get help with mental health concerns.

To make Signpost UK the best mental wellbeing website in the country, we need your input:

  • tell us what you would like to see added to the site.
  • help us make sure we have explained things in a helpful way.
  • contribute your story to help and inspire others.

The look of the site

We want the site to look fresh, clean and clear with the right mix between images and text.

Finding your way around

We want you to be able to find your way around the site easily and allow you to select the route that works best for you.


We want to be sure that we have provided the information you need in a format that is helpful to you.


The Signpost UK website was developed and built by Equion Consulting and designed by Lab 7.

What's coming next

More content is under development and will be added over the Summer. We're planning to:

  • add information (text, audio and video) about many other mental health conditions in the Mental health issues section.
  • expand the Help and support section considerably with information for older people and younger people and more information about psychological therapies.
  • add a section dedicated to carers.
  • add information about everyday emotional issues such as dealing with anger and coping with stress.
  • expand our Helpful organisations database and build up a database of useful websites.
  • add a glossary to help you understand some of the language that people use when they speak about mental health issues and the mental health system.
  • add people’s stories and experiences.

Keep up to date

Signpost UK's quarterly electronic newsletter keeps people updated on Signpost UK's development. If you would like to receive a copy by email please subscribe.


Your feedback as a user of this site is very important to us. Please tell us what you think.

We look forward to hearing from you.