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An amazing creation

Last updated Friday, 1st Oct 2010

After having a coffee a smoke and a chat to Gray, I ventured into the studio and sat at the keyboard and synthesizer with a title already thought of called 'Creation'. I started to play, bringing the synthesizer at random, leaving the technical stuff to the sound engineer. When the first track was complete and Gray played it back I was amazed at what I had created on that instrument and the synthesizer. I was then asked if I wanted to play another one which I called 'Dancing Rain', with the programme being changed from orchestral to music box. I sat and composed the piece which is a fun, light-hearted track to listen to - again with synthesizer combined. Once finished, I was delighted with what I had done.

I was amazed at what I had created! 

The last two tracks for completion of the CD disc are 'Power and Glory' which is quite a powerful track with orchestral music combined with an atmospheric synthesizer/spacey type sound which makes this particular track creative and atmospheric. The last track - track 4 has been called 'Serenity' which is as it says - a very calming, soothing piece of music combined with a background of choir, gentle strings and synthesized chimes thrown in at random to give gentle background music to complete the CD.

Creation (A.C.)

T.1 Creation

T.2 Dancing Rain

T.3 Power and Glory

T.4 Serenity

A.C. (2009)