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Aaron: Schizophrenia, Autobiography, Drug Abuse


Aaron Phyall


Aaron is 37 and now spends his time travelling the world looking for gem stones. In his early years he trained and worked as a stone mason but eventually got caught up in a world of recreational drug taking and trafficking. According to some doctors he started to experience depression, mild hallucinations and paranoid thoughts in his early 30's which led to schizophrenia. He has also suffered from toxic shock from different types of forced neuroleptic medications. Aaron was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 2004 and won a tribunal hearing to get free from a psychiatric ward. Since and during his psychotic episodes Aaron has gained knowledge on the way mental health has affected his life, he begun to see his own ways to reinforce his mental state and that of others. By writing this book he hopes it will stand as a warning to others not to adopt the same path he took in his early days and to give his views of the world we live in as he sees it and through his own eyes.

This story is about Aaron's adventures as a cannabis dealer as a young man and the progression through his life after realising the errors of his ways. Aaron spends years travelling the world, and finally ends up in a psychiatric ward diagnosed with schizophrenia. The latter part of Aaron's story is about his experiences and thoughts while under section in hospital and his attempts to get free, recover and return to work as a Gemmologist. Aaron ends the book with a fascinating chapter reflecting on his present thoughts drawn from experiences throughout his life, the NHS, doctors, neuroleptic and recreational drugs.

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