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Annie Whelan was originally commissioned to develop the Life plan in 2010. She engaged the expertise, experience and skills of Zelly Restorick and Eleanor Dace.

A variety of key individuals were consulted during the development stage of the work. This group included several Signpost UK brokerage and service user representatives.

We would like to acknowledge the review and input of both Katie Bell and Alex Williams.

By commissioning the expertise of iNET digital we are delighted to now be able to bring you the Life Plan in electronic format.

Explanation about the Life Plan

Please read the explanation about the Life Plan before signing up

Bullent Points: 
Your Life Plan will help you to find out what will be helpful to you and what is important to you at this time.
At the end, you will also be offered suggestions, ideas and options as to what you could do that might make your life better.
Your Life Plan covers Relationships, Work, Home, Arts & Creativity, Being Active, Transport and Mobility, Ideals, Beliefs & Values, Learning & Personal Development, Time & Planning, Health & Well Being and Money.
The Life Plan is a self-assessment questionnaire.
In the past, you may have been assessed by other people. This is your chance to decide for yourself, what is important in your life at this time.
You can complete Your Life Plan on your own OR you might want to ask a friend or someone you trust to help you.
You can answer as much or as little of the questionnaire as you want.
Always remember to save your answers and then you can come back at another time to carry on.
This is a secure site. Your information is 100% confidential.
You can remain anonymous if you wish.
If you use mental health services, Your Life Plan may also be useful in helping you and your care co-ordinator explore your ideas and options.
If you have a Personal Budget, you can also use Your Life Plan to explore what you need in your life.
Think about when is a good time for you to answer these questions. For example, is your concentration better in the morning, the afternoon or the evening?
You might find that some sections are not relevant at this time in your life. You have the option to remove sections from Your Life Plan.
You can make changes to Your Life Plan, if you feel you want to change any of your answers.
It is possible that answering some of these questions may be distressing. If this happens, then save your answers and take a break. If possible, do something nice for yourself.
If a section feels uncomfortable, then take a look at another section and maybe come back to the other one with the support of a friend or at another time.
Your Life Plan is a great opportunity to help you to explore your life and discover who you are.
You will need to work through all the sections you are interested in, completing the helps and hinders rating scales as you go, in order to see your summary reports or your final helps and hinders chart.

What to do now

If you would like to continue and sign up to the Life Plan, click 'Continue with your Life Plan'. If you are not happy/comfortable to continue or would like to continue later click 'Return to homepage'