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A drummer's thoughts

Last updated Friday, 1st Oct 2010

So, in the bands these odd moods would still prevail - and so we have 'cyclo-rhythmia'. A moody drummer who could uninterestingly tap - which I sometimes just did. Whereas at other times I would use the kit with full cymbal set up to its full potential - giving everything I'd got to the music I was playing to! If I went in anger mode I would drum louder. If I didn't feel on top - then no real show. I could read my mood by the way I played and felt at that time. I'm the drummer - all eyes on me!

The drummer always attracts the females, but not when you're me feeling like a dented and rejected tin that gets pushed to the back on a supermarket shelf. 

During the break I don't remember ever really mingling or being really sociable - particularly at wedding venues. I would sometimes strategically arrange my cymbals so I was hidden as I didn't always want my own visibility, but to stay where I was - in the background. I still had my kit though - and the ability to play! Going off the stage, down the steps and looking back from time to time, going off to get a drink and have a smoke - I see my drums on stage. Don't  talk to me - I'm the drummer complete with long hair - sometimes tied.