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Kent Card

Last updated Tuesday, 26th Jan 2010

Kent Card is a secure and convenient way of receiving your direct payments. It is an easy way to pay for your support as the Kent Card is a Chip and PIN VISA card which does not need a bank account.

Kent County Council will load your direct payments money onto the card instead of paying it into a bank account. You can then pay for services face to face using your PIN number, over the internet, or on the telephone.

You will get a monthly statement showing all payments made using the card, which you can also access securely online.

How do I get a Kent Card?

Contact your case manager or care co-ordinator who will arrange to visit you. They will advise you if the companies you want to use are able to accept the Kent Card. Your case manager will help you complete the application form. You will need to show some identification documents - this is required as a security check.

Your card and PIN number should arrive within 2 weeks of completing the application form.

Where can I use my Kent Card?

Kent County Council’s website displays a list of providers  in East and West Kent who can accept the Kent Card. If the company you want to use does not accept the Kent Card, Kent County Council will try to encourage them to sign up to accept VISA payments in the future.

Further information about the Kent Card

Further information on how to use the Kent Card can be found here.



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