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Signpost UK is the route to advice and help for people in the UK seeking information about mental health.

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Mental wellbeing

Advice & help about some of the practical steps you can take to look after your mental wellbeing.

  1. Mental wellbeing information

Mental health issues

Mental health issues can affect anyone and impact the people around them such as their family, friends and carers.

  1. Mental health issues information

Help and support

If you have concerns about mental health, use this section and Helpful organisations to find the support you need.

  1. Help and support information

Personal budgets & brokerage

People want to control and choose the support they receive. Personal budgets and brokerage can help with this.

  1. Personal budgets & brokerage information


Recovery describes the process a person with mental health issues goes through to move forward in their life.

  1. Recovery - a choice

Mental health and work

Being in work not only provides income, but can also provide people with a sense of self-worth and fulfilment.

  1. Mental health and work information

Need someone to talk to?

Mental Health Matters Helpline is a confidential service staffed by highly experienced helpline workers, offering information on local and national services specific to mental health for people in several areas of the country.

Mental Health Matters also run a Live Support Online service.

Helpline 0800 107 0160

24 hours Weekends & Bank Holidays