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Announcement created: Friday, 11th Mar 2011

Be Mindful Online - stress management course

Mindfulness is an integrative, mind-body approach to life that helps people to relate differently to experiences. It involves paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations in a way that can increase our awareness, manage difficult experiences, and make wise choices. Be Mindful Online is an online mindfulness course that helps anyone to manage stress better. People who have completed this course report an average stress reduction of: 36%

This online course is run by the Mental Health Foundation, a UK charity for everyones mental health and contains core elements of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

The online course package includes:

  • A four week internet-based course you can follow at a time and location that suits you.
  • Ten easy to follow online sessions, featuring videos and interactive exercises led by our mindfulness trainers Tessa Watt and Ed HalliwellFive guided meditation audio downloads.
  • Six downloadable course handouts.
  • Twelve assignments to practise in your daily life, with supporting emailsAftercare package, including our printed guide to everyday mindfulness.

The course costs £40. Find out more by going to to the Be Mindful website.

 Living Life to the Full

This free life skills resource and online course has been written by a British psychiatrist who has many years of experience using a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) approach and also in helping people use these skills in everyday life.

Living Life to the Full is for:

  • anyone wanting to learn new life skills
  • anyone who at times feels fed up or low, or tense and anxious
  • people who are dissatisfied with how they are and how they live their life
  • people who want to improve their quality of life
  • people wanting to learn how to sleep better
  • people wanting to learn how to relax
  • people who sometimes take tablet medication.

Living Life to the Full is supported by Anxiety UK (national charity for people with anxiety conditions), Depression Alliance Scotland (Scottish charity for people with depression) and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Use of the site is free. There is also a function which allows you to set up an agreed link with your practitioner to follow your progress on the website. They are then able to view your progress in the course modules, follow your mood scales and contact you if required.

Take a look at the Introduction Module to Living Life to the Full.

A range of booklets, worksheets, DVDs and other resources complement the course and are available on Five Areas – the website for self-help resources using the five areas model upon which the Living Life to the Full programme is based. Some booklets and other resources are free. There are also links to a range of books that can help.