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Brokerage quality charter

Last updated Wednesday, 23rd Apr 2014

Support brokers registered with Signpost are committed to working within the Signpost Brokerage Quality Charter.

This has been put together by people using mental health services and those that support them. We welcome your feedback and comments. Please contact our brokerage framework co-ordinator or via telephone on 01622 688003 with your views.

Signpost Brokerage Quality Charter

A personal approach

• I will be honest and responsible.
• I will recognise and value what makes you the person you are.
• I will work for you without taking control.
• I will help you make decisions which you feel are right for you, include the people you ask me to and only involve the people you want to be involved.
• I will focus on what is important to you.
• I will adopt a positive outlook to support your mental wellbeing.
• I will help you to assert what you want or do this for you if you need me to.
• I will treat you with respect and not discriminate against you.
• I will act appropriately if I think you are in trouble or in an unsafe situation.
• I will work with you in a safe and comfortable place.


• I will be friendly and easy to talk to.
• I will listen to you and not judge you.
• I will explain things clearly and use everyday language.
• I will communicate with you in a way that works for you.
• I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge and find out more information if you need me to.
• I will respect your confidence and look after your information safely and securely, except for any which you choose to keep hold of yourself.

What I will do

• I will help you work out what is good in your life and what changes would make it better.
• I will hold a detailed knowledge of your community and help you explore what is available within it.
• I will not promote any particular organisation or provider.
• I will apply my understanding of mental health issues and learn from you how your mental health has an effect on your life.
• I will use my understanding of the health and social care system to support you.
• I will help you make a support plan that is personal to you.

Monitoring and quality assurance

In order to be sure that support brokers registered with Signpost keep to the quality charter, Signpost has drawn up policies and procedures which support brokers must follow and will offer ongoing support to brokers. Summaries of policies in relation to gaining feedback, dealing with complaints, confidentiality, safeguarding, CRB checks, insurance and training are given below. For more information, please contact Signpost or one of the registered support brokers. 


Signpost and its registered support brokers are committed to providing a high quality service.

 Our aim is to respond at all times in a way that is:

  • helpful and polite
  • efficient and timely
  • sensitive
  • accurate and appropriate.

If someone has a complaint or concern we would like to know so that we can find out what has happened and improve the service we offer. People can raise their concern with their support broker or can contact the Signpost brokerage framework co-ordinator who will deal with the complaint directly.


Support brokers must follow Signpost’s confidentiality and data protection policy which ensures they meet the Data Protection Act 1998 and related legislation.

They will not tell anyone anything about someone without that person’s permission, unless they are required to do so by law because of concerns over the person’s safety or the safety of others.

They will also ensure any information about individuals is stored safely and securely. They will ask the person to sign a form which confirms they are happy for them to make notes and hold personal information.

Criminal record bureau checks

Support brokers must have been subject to an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure check which must be renewed annually. Evidence of this must be provided upon registration and appear on the support broker’s profile.


Support brokers must provide evidence of public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover in order to be registered with Signpost.

Concerns over safety

Signpost and its registered support brokers are committed to safeguarding people from abuse. Support brokers must follow Signpost’s policy on safeguarding and adult protection. They receive training and support to ensure they understand their responsibilities if they suspect someone is being abused or mistreated. Signpost also has clear procedures in place to deal with allegations of abuse by a registered support broker. Signpost’s policy and procedures comply with the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Adult Protection Policy, Protocols and Guidance for Kent and Medway.


The support broker will be committed to providing a high quality service in accordance with Signpost’s Brokerage Quality Charter. Any feedback will help support brokers improve the service they give to others.

The support broker will provide the person with a form which asks questions about how the support broker worked and what the person thought of the service they gave. If the person chooses to complete this form, they can either return it to their support broker or send it to Signpost’s brokerage framework co-ordinator.

With the person’s permission, Signpost will also contact them to ask some questions about the service received.

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