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Plan for a better life

Last updated Tuesday, 25th Nov 2014

There is a range of tools available to help you when thinking about the kind of life you want and the changes you would like to make to help you achieve this.

Develop your own support plan

You can develop your own support plan using the resources on the Shop4Support website.

Essential lifestyle planning

Essential lifestyle planning is a guided process for learning how someone wants to live and developing a plan to help make it happen. An essential lifestyle plan is useful for anyone where it is helpful to:

• discover what is important to a person in everyday life

• identify what support the person requires and any issues of health or safety (from the perspective of the person)

• describe what you have learned in a way that is easily understood by those who will enable the person to get what is important to them.

There is more information about essential lifestyle planning on the Helen Sanderson Associates website.

Life and support plan

This is a guide developed during the government’s pilot of Individual Budgets in 2006.

This support planning process has been developed from life coaching and person centred planning. The guide works through a series of questions to help you think about your life and how you want to spend your personal budget.

You can download the life and support plan guide from the Support Planning and Review website.

In Control support planning guide

The organisation In Control has useful information about support planning and a range of factsheets which you can download.

Signpost self-directed toolkit

Work has begun on Signpost’s self-directed support toolkit. It will help people plan for a better life by exploring dreams, goals and aspirations and what is important to them.

The focus is very much on thinking ‘outside the box’ and not about focusing on what is traditionally provided for people with mental health issues. The emphasis will be on developing connections within the community by helping people think about what works for them now and what they would want to change or keep the same in their life. There will be a focus on encouraging the use of ‘natural resources’ within the community by helping people find opportunities and resources within their social networks.

There will be help to think about decision making and how individuals can take more control in their life by increasing the number and significance of the decisions they make and what they want to happen in the event of them becoming ill – with guidance to complete an advanced decision.

Signpost has commissioned Annie Whelan to lead on the work and the team she is working with includes a number of people who have personal experience of mental health issues.

We will be consulting more widely about the tool later this year. If you would like to take part in the consultation, please contact us on 01622 688003 or .

Using a life coach

A life coach is an individual who supports and encourages people to fulfil their potential and really make the most of their life. A life coach can help to empower individuals to take control of their life, or certain areas of their life, for example, their career, confidence/self belief, finances, health, relationships, spirituality and/or work/life balance.

Life Coach Directory lists qualified/registered life coaches and provides information about what a life coach can offer.

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