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Recovery - a choice

Last updated Monday, 15th Aug 2011

Recovery is a word often used to describe the process a person with mental health issues goes through to move forward in their life. For some people this can be about returning to a state of feeling well and content, for others it can be about rebuilding their life after a period of illness and understanding more about how to manage problems related to their health and lifestyle.

For many people, recovery is about achieving the best quality of life possible whilst living with ongoing symptoms. The concept of recovery is not the same as 'cure'. It is for the person to choose whether to enter recovery and to define and lead this. Recovery shouldn't depend on any one factor such as being in work. It is individual and there should be no benchmark of what someone's recovery should look like or how quickly they need to achieve goals. There may be setbacks and a need to change parts of life that otherwise make problems more likely. Some people may feel an experience of mental illness can lead to positive changes as they develop resilience and rediscover parts of themselves not used for a long time, or decide what they really want to do with their life.

This section of Signpost UK explains how the recovery model is applied to mental health; has information about the local support available in Kent and Medway for people in the process of recovery, and shows how the sharing of experiences can benefit some people.

We also have information on three of the key tools and resources - Recovery Star, Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and Living Life to the Full (LLTF) - often used in the recovery process.

    Recovery A-Z