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Recovery Star

Last updated Thursday, 21st Feb 2013

The Mental Health Recovery Star is a tool that can be used by people with mental health needs to help them think about where they are in terms of recovery and the progress they are making. It has been designed to be used alongside the support provided by another person such as a mental health support worker.

The Recovery Star encourages people to look at ten core areas of their life:

  • managing mental health
  • self care
  • living skills
  • social networks
  • work
  • relationships
  • addictive behaviour
  • responsibilities
  • identity and self esteem
  • trust and hope

Some mental health organisations use the Recovery Star in all of their services. Some people find it really helpful to spend time with their mental health support worker working through the ten areas and using this information to set goals for the future.

To find out more about how the Recovery Star works, you can read The Recovery Star: User Guide. It includes:

  • an introduction to the Recovery Star for people with mental health needs and mental health workers, including a description of the Ladder of Change which underpins the tool
  • ladders describing a ten step journey for each of the ten outcome areas covered by the tool.

The Star Chart and Star Action Plan are used to record progress and action plans drawn up between the person using the tool and the mental health worker. These are also free to download.

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