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Sharing experiences

Last updated Thursday, 21st Feb 2013

Reading about other people’s experiences can really help. Other people’s stories can be inspiring and thought provoking.

Jo's story tells about how she gained confidence and took control of her life. Read more.

An Amazing Creation. A.C. talks about his experience of creating music. Read more.

Anorexia - a personal perspective. Read more

A drummer's thoughts. A.C. shares his experience as a drummer. Read more.

Unnamed. A.C.'s moving lyrics about moods and emotions. Read more.

Who I once was... A.C. explains how he used to enjoy his trips to London. Read more.

Thoughts of home and abroad - my journey to recovery. A member of the East Kent User Forum shares her experiences and tells how becoming involved in the forum has helped. Read more.

On holiday with cyclothymia. A.C tells about his holiday experiences. Read more.

Paul’s story tells about how valuable he has found the support of others and the opportunity to share experiences. Read more.

Mental Health Foundation

Read other people’s stories published by the Mental Health Foundation.

Recovery Journey

Recovery Journey is part blog, part reference and news about all things connected with recovery, living and respecting your mental illness. It's written by Louise Jessup, a textile artist and recovery champion.




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