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Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Last updated Saturday, 30th Jan 2010

WRAP is a tool to help people work out what makes them well and what helps them cope with everyday life. It was developed in the USA by Mary Ellen Copeland, a mental health advocate and author. It aims to:

  • decrease and prevent intrusive or upsetting feelings and behaviours
  • increase personal empowerment
  • improve quality of life
  • assist people in achieving their life goals and dreams.

The person with mental health needs develops their personal WRAP, although they may choose to ask the people who support them to help them create it.

‘I feel better more often and I’ve improved the overall quality of my life.’

Some organisations and mental health providers encourage people to use WRAP when thinking about their mental health and planning for the future. In these cases, the WRAP resources would be provided free. However, there are a range of resources relating to WRAP which you can buy online.

To find out more about WRAP, visit Mary Ellen Copeland’s Mental Health Recovery website.




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