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Unnamed (lyrics)

Last updated Wednesday, 29th Sep 2010

The negative side of reality
Is the positive side of insanity
Looking through my eyes
I can see no skies
Then you go and run and hide
Loneliness is by your side
Jumping through puddles
That are cried by the rain

Deep inside you feel the pain
Loneliness is here again
The colours in my eyes
Match the deep blue skies
And in this burnt out city
There’s a face so full of pity
Closing your mind to
The distance of time

A cyclothymic mind aghast
With haunted memories of my past
Lost in ambition and going nowhere
Though my tears I try to hide
There’s no time to say good bye
A life that’s disillusioned
And a mind that cannot cry

 A.C. 2009